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I'm  Jen Pansegrau, owner and proprietor of 'Pansymade'.  

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My Story

Coming from a small town in rural Ontario, Canada, I have always loved to create things.  My earliest memories are of drawing with crayons, or making some wild 3 dimensional structure out of cereal boxes.  I was always making.

Like most people I went out into the working world, first as a graphic designer, then as a healthcare professional, then as an IT professional in healthcare.  Finally after much occupational soul-searching, I had the opportunity to try to create full time, and I jumped at the chance.   I do a little of everything, I sculpt, I paint, I dabble in photography,  but my true loves are coloured pencil and pastel.  I absolutely love the amazing detail and realism that can be achieved in these mediums.  My passion is for all things nature.  Animals and plants, and of course our furry animal companions.

Check out my gallery and print sections to see my work.  And, please  contact me if you would like to have a portrait of your animal companion.  I absolutely love creating precious personalized images that will last a lifetime.

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